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Saavi Group is a global company focused on inventory solutions & management

We add value to your company by servicing your end of life and slow moving inventory

Your Partner


Saavi Group purchases and distributes older date code and end-of-life electronic components. We are globally recognized for prompt response, reliable service and competitive pricing.

Programs & Services


A wide range of programs are available to meet your company's surplus disposal needs. In addition, a custom program based on specific requirements can also be designed. We deliver personalized attention to each project, working closely together with you from start to finish.

Quality Control


Quality and product integrity are a vital concentration of our business. Our network of suppliers and customers trust us to provide an unparalleled level of quality control for their inventory solutions. We only deal with direct suppliers, doing our part to keep counterfeit or substandard parts from entering the global supply chain.


Saavi can recycle through reuse or disposal when necessary. Together with our established recycling partners, the material is securely disposed in an environmentally and ecologically friendly process.

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